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May 28, 2016

These Elders worked so hard to bring together a room full of memorabilia to celebrate missionary work in Taiwan throughout the years.  They designed the room to represent a missionary apartment both then and now.  It was so impressive!!


May 21, 2016

 This is Elder Kitchen.  One of the first four missionaries to serve in Taiwan.  


Why celebrate 60?  



Looking Back and Looking Forward at the Beginning of a New Jiazi


    常言道「人生七十古來稀」, 對中國人而言, 一甲子(六十年)幾乎代表了一個人的一生, 歷來的古人都是以天干、地支的組合和輪替來記錄年代, 從甲子年輪替到下一個甲子年, 正好是六十年. 近代史上的「甲午戰爭」、「庚子條款」等熟悉的名詞正是干支曆法的表...

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