President and Sister Peterson Arrive in Taiwan

July 9, 2018

Ni hao Taiwan Taipei Mission and families!  It is a joy to arrive here and be so warmly welcomed! After being set apart by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and attending the Mission Leadership Seminar with the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles to be trained and instructed, we (President and Sister Peterson) loaded up our too many bags :) and flew all night to Taiwan.  President and Sister Jergensen greeted us so kindly at the airport and graciously gave us a tour of the office, home (with beautiful Taipei temple across the street!!!) and fun market before they flew home after their 3 years of incredible service!  We love you Jergensens! Thank you for all you have done to create a PMG culture where the missionaries know their purpose is to Invite others to come Unto Christ, teach repentance and baptize converts! We love the missionaries and people here already!  It has been love even before first sight!  We had a fabulous time Meeting and Greeting all our missionaries in the first week and going out working with them.  What amazing "lihai" and dedicated missionaries are here in the Taiwan Taipei Mission!


 We feel so blessed to be called to Taiwan Taipei Mission of all the places in the world!



 President and Sister Peterson--first day of Mission Leadership Seminar where for the first time in years the entire First Presidency and Quorum of Twelve Apostles attended and taught and trained throughout the week.  Our trainings with the missionaries will include the things they taught and trained us on.  What an amazing experience to witness how hands-on the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve are in this work.  They truly ministered to us and wanted us and shook our hands that we could bring their love  directly to the missionaries!

 The Asia Area new mission presidents: Pres & Sis Hammond--Thailand, Pres & Sis Mackay--Indonesia, Pres & Sis Hansen--New Delhi India, Pres & Sis Card--Taichung Taiwan, Pres & Sis Phillips--Hong Kong, Petersons--Taipei,  Pres & Sis Chiles--Viet Nam and Pres & Sis Lewis--Cambodia 

 What a surreal few hours we spent with the dear Jergensens as they handed over the reins of the TTM!  We are so grateful for all they did to welcome us to Taiwan and to prepare us in every helpful thing they could do to help our transition run smoothly.  They are dearly loved by all here and have done so much to further the Lord's work in sharing the Gospel  here in Taiwan!

 At the Mission Leadership Seminar we had the privilege of being trained by Elder and Sister Gong who both served missions in Taiwan and who care so much about the work here.  It was amazing to be ministered to, trained and taught so lovingly and with such wisdom and power of the Spirit by them.  We grew to love them dearly!


Here we are at the Salt Lake airport with our 7 bags and four carry-ons ready to start our journey to Taiwan!  Phew! Here we go!!

 Quick lunch with Elders Balmforth and Steffens at the Hong Kong cafe near the Bu


 Hualien and Taidong Zones 

 Mountains in Hualien

 Rice fields in Hualien


 Hualien Train Station--"May you have a Good time!" 

 Beautiful mountains over 10,000 feet elevation and rice fields in Hualien!

 We did "have a great time" in Hualien, meeting and greeting our missionaries in Hualien and Taidong districts

 Sisters wanting to line up in our "Fourth of July" colors as a way of "celebrating" the US holiday...

 At the Ye family restaurant in Dan Shui with Sisters Nielsen and Hurst who let me come spend the day in their area with them my first day on the mission!  What amazing emissaries of light they are!  The Ye's treated us to their delicious food and I had my first "lychee bing" on the island! So refreshing on a hot humid day!


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