2016 is a great year to be in Taiwan as a Missionary! We are celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Missionary Work in Taiwan!

May 21, 2016

 This is Elder Kitchen.  One of the first four missionaries to serve in Taiwan.  


Why celebrate 60?  



Looking Back and Looking Forward at the Beginning of a New Jiazi


    常言道「人生七十古來稀」, 對中國人而言, 一甲子(六十年)幾乎代表了一個人的一生, 歷來的古人都是以天干、地支的組合和輪替來記錄年代, 從甲子年輪替到下一個甲子年, 正好是六十年. 近代史上的「甲午戰爭」、「庚子條款」等熟悉的名詞正是干支曆法的表述.

    There is an old Chinese saying, "Ever since the ancient days, it is very rare for people to live up to the age of seventy." To most Chinese, one Jiatze (a cycle of sixty years) almost means a whole lifetime. In the old days, Chinese use the combination and alternation of Tiangan and Dizhi to record their calendar years. From one Jiazi to the next Jiazi is exactly sixty years. In the modern Chinese history, we read familiar terms, such as, Jiawu War or Genzi treaty. These names are all expressed in the Tiangan and Dizhi calendar ways.

            從1956年第一組的四位傳教士來台灣傳播福音至今, 正好是一個甲子的時間, 這代表了福音在這塊美麗的土地上已經深根耕了六十年, 也為千萬人的生活和生命帶來的光和祝福.

    Ever since the first group of four missionaries arrived in Taiwan in 1956, the gospel of Jesus Christ has been preached in this land for one Jiatze, or sixty years. This represents that the gospel has been deeply plowed in this beautiful land for sixty years and has brought light and blessings into the lives of thousands of people.

            為此, 教會特別計畫在今年舉行一連串的慶祝活動, 希望透過這些活動, 讓我們再次回顧福音在這塊土地上留下的美好痕跡、先驅者的辛勞與奉獻、以及傳教士與成員努力耕耘的成果、也讓我們抬起頭來望向下一個甲子的榮景和祝福.

    For this reason, The Church has planned to hold a series of celebration activities in this year. Through these activities, we would like to revisit the trace of the gospel has left here on the island, the endeavor and contribution of the pioneers, and the fruits of the efforts from missionaries and members. We would also

    繼四月家庭探索日的活動之後, 我們將在五月舉行兩項紀念活動: 第一項是五月21日上午九時在台北圓山舉行的奉獻紀念祈禱會, 第二項是五月28日上午九時在台北金華街教堂舉行的奉獻紀念大會; 透過這兩項活動, 我們將回顧六十年來的傳道事工, 檢視目前教會的發展, 並展望神的國度在這片土地上未來一甲子的發展.

    After the Family Exploring Day in April, we shall hold two memorial activities in May, i.e., the Dedication Memorial Prayer Meeting at Yuanshan Hotel, from 9:00 am to 11:00 am, May 21, 2016; and the Dedication Memorial Ceremony at the ground floor of Jinhua Chapel from 9:00 am to 11:00 am, May 28, 2016. Through these two activities we would like to look back of the missionary work in the last Jiatze, examine the progress of the Church in this day and look forward to the growth and development of the Kingdom of God on this land for the next Jiatze, or sixty years.

    配合五月28日的大會, 我們也會從當天早上八點到下午三點,利用金華街教堂的各個教室舉行名為「一甲子的回顧與前瞻」的文物及動態資料展, 將透過文物、資料、照片、影音等媒體來介紹教會歷史、家庭歷史、聖殿、公共事務、媒體委員會、自立服務、傳道事工等主題,讓大家能了解教會在傳道方面可以有多元的發展。

    To join the May 28th ceremony, we also plan to hold a Church-History-in-Taiwan Exhibition at the beginning of the New Jiatze from 8:00am to 3:00pm of May 28, 2016 in the rooms of the Jinhua Chapel. In this exhibition, we plan to use photos, videos, documents, and artifacts to introduce church history, family history, temple, public affairs, media committee, self-reliance service, and missionary work. This will help members understand that missionary work is easy to do and can and should be done through multiple ways and channels.







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