Christmas Phone (Skype) Calls!!

December 16, 2015

Just a few things for missionary families to remember:

1. Make sure you have a skype account all set up

2. Make sure your missionary knows your skype address

3. Your missionary will call (skype) you on your Christmas or Christmas Eve depending on their choice

4. Your missionary will let you know the time of his/her call in his/her weekly email this week if they haven't already

5. Make sure you know the time difference (best to check online) because of all the variables including daylight savings time etc...


Sometimes, with our missionary sons, we would make a list of questions we wanted to ask so we didn't forget in all the excitement.


Also, I think we enjoyed the anticipation almost as much as the call itself!!  


Merry Christmas from Taiwan!

Love, Sister Jergensen




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