"And That's OK!"

October 21, 2015


We have had a very difficult and yet tender week.  President Jergensen's mom passed away after a very special family gathering in her room in Salt Lake City. Some of our family were able to be with her and the rest of us joined by skype. I don't think any of us believed that this was goodbye goodbye when we hung up the skype call.  She has always defied the odds and believed so strongly that she would never die.  She actually convinced us of this so much that when we received the call shortly after we had left skype that she had passed away, the first feelings were "That's impossible!"  


Faye Waldram Jergensen was an amazing mother!  Her whole world revolved around her children!  

When President Jergensen's father died (he was 5 yrs. old) Faye became both mother and father.  She actually was the key to P-Jergensen setting the record for winning the cake baking contest at the scouts father/son activity for the most consecutively years.  Nothing was impossible, and if you wanted to do something you just made it happen!  



We had the opportunity to go with Faye to Greece & Turkey in May just before we left for Taiwan.  Because she is 94, we thought it would be a good idea to bring a wheelchair with us for her.  She rode in it for the first day, but because of her resilience (and probably a little bit because P-Jergensen kept doing "wheelies" with Nana in the chair), she decided walking was a safer option!


In the past few months, we noticed Nana took on a new perspective.  When things weren't the way she wanted them to be, or something wasn't as clean as usual, or someone did something different than she would have liked, she would say, "...And that's ok!"  I've decided that I really want to implement that perspective! 


Some things about Nana that come to our memories are: homemade doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, lemon tarts, bread, german chocolate cake, and angel food cake.  Her laugh. Which we heard quite a few times as we talked to her on the phone the morning before she passed away.  P-Jergensen reminded her of many of her hilarious cleaning stories including the time (actually times) she got stuck in the window well!  


Yesterday as we tried to imagine what Faye was doing only minutes after she passed away, we all felt such a special spirit as we imagined the reuniting of Faye and Rey.  We all agreed that she might first give him a slight scolding for leaving her far too early, but I'm sure that would be followed by the most joyous conversation.  I can only imagine the feelings that Rey has for this amazing woman who raised their children for so much time alone. She gave her all!



We  have some very special feelings and memories that we will always hold very close to our hearts.  We will never look at a bottle of Windex, a mattress being dragged on a freshly-mowed lawn (ok! we'll probably never see that!), a carmex canister, or a window well without a slight smile!  We'll continue to take our shoes off in the house, wash our hands, and never touch the walls.  We will bake cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, lemon tarts, and cakes. We will try to live up to the way she saw us!  The completely perfect children who could take over the world if they wanted to!  We'll never actually come close...  but as Faye would say, "That's ok!"  


We love you Mom, Faye, Nana!!




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