Transfer Meeting in Multi-Purpose Room @ Jinhua Service Center

October 4, 2015

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this video!! I could watch it all day long! 


1. Watching how excited the missionaries are to welcome our "new" missionaries!  

2. Hearing the testimonies of the missionaries who are going home.  (Because of a one week delay, two sisters had already left, so we got to hear from one of them by skype!  What a great surprise!!)


Sister Phelps sent a letter which made me so excited as I can see our missionaries just continuing to do missionary work for the rest of their lives!


Here is part of her letter (with her permission!):

Saturday: 4:30ish, landed and saw all of our family members and got pictures. REALLY weird to hug my nephews and brothers and dad and uncles..... hahaha. Then my mom, older sister, and her daughter and I went straight to the Womens conference. After that, I got released.... I was SO sad... cried a lot but..... it was really good. Then went straight to bed. :P 


Sunday: gave 1 of my home coming talks. In the ward that i grew up. It was really powerful. my sleeping is WAY off lately..... :P hahaha. 


Monday: I don't even remember WHAT happened...... didn't do much. just stayed in the house all day..... I think I just slept pretty much all day. 


Tuesday: so, our friends who live close had another friend who has been asked if she knew any people who spoke Mandarin that could take this girl from main land China who just got baptized on Saturday on a temple square tour and go around and explain some things to her. she had a 5 hour layover in Utah. So, our friends suggested us and of course we accepted! my mom speaks mandarin. So, it was SO much fun!!!! :D So, we picked her up and, aaahhhh! it was just, the best! to meet and see this girl from main land China!!! We had such a great time. We had about 3 hours with her. Took her to the conference center and went through the temple square area. She loved it! We're just best of friends now! :D Then this night around 8:00 the door knocked and I opened the door and guess who it was?! :D THE ELDER MISSIONARIES!! YEAH! They talked to my mom and I and asked if we'd be willing to help teach a guy from main land China who is their investigator right now and who is SO golden! He came to church all by himself and asked where he could go to find faith. oh my goodness!!! He sounds SO great! of course we accepted that invite too!!! 


Wednesday: just got things going a little more and went to the temple with my sister in law. it was..... a really emotionally experience for me.... really hard one at that but, I flipped to Mosiah 7: 18,19 and it just gave me A LOT of comfort. :) Trusting. STILL gotta keep trusting in Him and His plan. I just feel that..... the world is so worldly now a days and..... i just want to KEEP doing missionary work.... "be in the world but, not OF the world." I just wanted to do MORE. I feel I just wasn't doing enough and getting too much back into the world. But, now, I see that, the Lord truly DOES bless us with missionary work experiences after our mission when we pray for them! :D 


Thursday: my mom and I went to go teach this Mandarin speaking man. peike. :D It was SOOOOOO good. oh my goodness!!! It was SO powerful!!! He is SO sincere and willing and humble!!! He's just worried because he's with the Communist party (which pretty much are all atheists) and if he leaves, then the government could persecute him. so, yeah. That's something really hard for him. Also, he doesn't live in ShangHai or Beijing where if they change, then they are usually ok but.... he lives in a little more controlled area so..... he'd get baptized sooner but.... we're praying for him. He's SO cute! he's 27 and married. He also has a little family fandui. It was SO much to teach him! Yeah. a lot has happened but, it's truly been amazing to still see the Hand of the Lord in my life. even after my mission. I kNOW that He blesses us each and every day if we are willing and humble and grateful to SEE those tender mercies and blessings and miracles each day! :D 


I'm SO excited for general conference coming up! :D  YEAH!!!   



Sister Phelps



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