Youth Conference 2015

August 22, 2015

We were blessed to be apart of over 400 youth from all over the Taipei Mission gathering together for Youth Conference. Daxton and Brecken loved their squad and tried their best to sing along to the hymns in Mandarin. We celebrated the Pioneers and made a trek singing and holding each stake flag. The counselors put so much time and hard work... and it paid off!





Everyone made their own little temple, and while they did other activites, the counselors put a small light in each. While each temple was made from the same cut out, none were the same, and many had mistakes. Just like us. But when the temples lit up, the imperfections were unnoticable. Just as when we let the Light of Christ shine through us, our imperfections become minor. 


Through out the conference, everyone helped cut or paint wood. But no one really understood why. Tonight, as the curtain rolled back, they could see what their hard work had made. A beautiful temple. It can be easy to go day to day doing the little things, like reading scriptures or going to church, and not understanding why. We need to step back to see the big picture of the beauty we are creating. 

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