Mission Office


Floor 4, No. 24, Lane 183
Jin Hua Street, Da-An District, Taipei  
Taiwan 10642

Contact Information:

Office Phone: (886) 223-933-285 (during office hours)

Office Email: 2019353@ldschurch.org

For Emergency: Sister Peterson: +886-912-493-623 (Taiwan cell)

                         calling from US: 435-258-6601 (leave message)

                         email: mlping@ldschurch.org

*Please be aware that Taiwan is 12-15 hours ahead of the US time zones. 

Mission Maps

Sending Packages


BEST METHOD: We highly recommend using the U.S. Postal Services to mail any packages to Taiwan. Prepaid boxes are the most simple, economical and fast way without ensuing any additional cost on customs clearance or delay of delivery. In addition, all U.S. Postal Service packages may be forwarded from the mission office without any extra postal charges to your missionary. 


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