Meet the Petersons

We are Michael and Shelley Peterson from Danville, California.  We feel so honored  and hen gaoxing (!) to be called to serve in the Taiwan Taipei Mission. We met at BYU when President Peterson was called to be Sister Peterson's Home Teacher and then wrote to each other while Michael served from 1981-1982 in both the Taichung and Kaohsiung Missions.  With this call to Taipei mission he is excited to say he will have served in all the missions on the island which is so dear to his heart. The Taipei mission now encompasses both former areas where he served and new areas we will discover together!   We are thrilled to get to serve as eternal "companions" and are so excited to serve the missionaries whom we already feel such a great love for as well as the people of Taiwan! 

We have 5 children and 9 grandchildren.  We love missionary work and are grateful for our children who have taught us what missionaries do  (See video below) and how missions change lives--especially their own! We are so grateful for their love and willing support and prayers as we serve.  Our children and grandchildren live coast to coast across the US and are faithful servants wherever they live!

Matthew & Mindy, Opal, Eli, Clara and Shep--Kenvil, New Jersey

Spencer & Mckenna, Rose, Millie, and Lila--Pleasant Grove, Utah


Clark & Ellee and Charlotte--Manhattan, New York


Lauren & Brandt Gessel and baby boy Graham--Lehi, Utah


Anne Elise--BYU Provo, Utah

We love to gather as a family to sing, talk, laugh, hike and make good food we can eat together!  We have loved living in the San Francisco Bay area for 28 years and  cherish our dear friends and memories there.  Some of our favorite places we love to gather as a family are at the beach in Monterey, California and in the mountains of Midway, Utah.


We are so excited to be in Taiwan and for the chance to serve the Lord who has blessed us with every blessing we have in our lives!

The Gospel of Jesus Christ truly is our greatest source of joy and happiness.   


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