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September 20, 2018

In D&C 88:73 the lord tells us: "Behold, I will hasten my work in its time." This new generation of missionaries is a clear signal to us that this prophecy is in the process of being fulfilled! These missionaries have come out in force, already showing themselves very adept with essential missionary skills. All are sa...

September 15, 2018

Typhoon Mangkhut has arrived at the Asia/Pacific region. Some areas in the south of the mission are experiencing heavy rainfall but winds are still low and most importantly all missionaries are safe! The most powerful part of the storm will not hit Taiwan. If there are any updates we'll put them in this post....

August 13, 2018

This week we also said goodbye to a group of amazing missionaries who served great missions, benefiting hundreds, if not thousands, of people here in Taiwan. We want to thank them as a mission for the huge impact they've had teaching repentance, baptizing converts, and so unselfishly using their time to push forward t...

August 11, 2018

A huge “Huanning” to our first new batch of Missionaries! A few nights ago we welcomed nine fine chuan jiao shi men to Taiwan Taipei Mission! Thursday morning we woke up early and took them to the steps across from the Taipei Grand Hotel where Apostle Mark E. Petersen dedicated Taiwan for missionary work sixty years a...

July 11, 2018

Update 7/11/18: Looks like the typhoon passed over us for now.  Thankfully today is a just light drizzle and the missionaries are able to go out and work!

July 9, 2018

Ni hao Taiwan Taipei Mission and families!  It is a joy to arrive here and be so warmly welcomed! After being set apart by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and attending the Mission Leadership Seminar with the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles to be trained and instructed, we (President and Sister Peterson) l...

June 28, 2018

Several of our missionaries were "caught" helping a "blind" woman right by the Taipei 101 building.  it was set up to see who would stop and be willing to help.  It has had over 370,000 views!  You can begin watching at minute 10:50.  ENJOY!!

June 27, 2018

February 21, 2018

The first day is filled with: getting a chance to taste some Taiwan street food (zhua bing and coco's), filling out some ARC card and Health card paper work, taking pictures for applications, getting a phone and setting it up, making sure the ATM cards all work, an interview with President, a dinner at the Mission Hom...

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